"It is one thing to write about skateboarding and the people who do it, but quite another to write of, or from skateboarding. In Cyst, Burden has forsaken story in favor of collage, or perhaps poetry, or perhaps chaos. Story, he knows, is a lie. Coherence, too, is a lie, and especially apropos Burden's subjects: time and space; imprisonment and liberation; isolation and community. He writes of the paradox and paradise of selfhood. In so doing, his main tool is language, of course, but also silence, and also, necessarily, failure. The result is a hideous beauty, a crass ethics that is driven, always, by the diffuse longings of his narrator, who is determined to find meaning in meaninglessness. What a truly fucked up book this is, how singular, and how unforgettable."

- Kyle Beachy, Author of The Slide and fine skateboarding articles @ Jenkem

"Cyst speaks directly from one of the many disparate cores of contemporary skateboarding. At times assertive and angry, biographical and poignant, prosaic and poetic, Cyst is a discursive, challenging and even occasionally discomforting read. It also crackles with energy. A heartfelt book filled with determined belief and impassioned commitment not only to skateboarding but to a whole way of life the author has constructed in and around it."

- Iain Borden, Author of Skateboarding, Space and the City, Architecture and the body